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U.S. citizens traveling to Brazil must hold a valid U.S. passport and visa for any tourism, business, and work travel. The Brazilian visa can only be obtained in advance. Visas cannot be obtained at the airport or upon arrival. You will need a valid Brazil visa in order to enter Brazil.

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Understand the process by following the steps below.

  1. You will need a current valid Passport. To use the Brazil visa service, the applicant must submit their current passport. Brazil visas are stamped into a passport, therefore the the original passport is required. Applicant must also include a copy of the information page of the passport.

    Note: In order to obtain Brazil visas, passport must have two (2) blank facing visa pages (typically the last few pages of the passport are marked "Amendment" and are not valid for visas) and must be valid for at least six months past the date of entry into Brazil.

    If you require passport services, please visit our passport services section. 
  2. You will need a passport photo: Applicant must submit two (2) identical, color, passport style photographs. The passport photo requirements must be met and the photos must be recent and generally should not be the same used for the passport itself. Passport photos can be obtained at most post offices, Kinko's, Walgreens, etc.
  3. Applicant must submit a legible color copy of their driver's license or state issued ID. If applicant has recently moved and not updated their ID, applicant must also provide a recent utility bill.
  4. You will need proof of international travel: Applicant must submit a computer-generated itinerary from a travel agency or online booking tool (such as e-confirmation from an airline or Travelocity, Orbitz, etc) showing departure from the U.S. and arrival/departure for Brazil.
  5. Applicant must submit one completed Brazil visa application. The application is completed online and will be made available once the order is placed.
  6. Applicant must submit the order form which provides contact information, Brazil visa service request, and payment information. Upon completion of the order form shipping instructions will be provided for the appropriate processing office.
  7. After completing the online order form, you will deliver your documents as indicated and that's it! Once your visa is ready, it will be returned to you along with any original documents.