7 Reasons You Should Go On A Cruise

Airlines are fast, bus tours are easily accessible and trains cover great distances. So why would anyone choose a cruise? For many sea traveling aficionados, staying in a cruise offers distinctive qualities not found anywhere. Read on to find out what sets cruise travel apart from the others.

Get More For The Price Of One 

Perhaps the main reason why many opt for cruise travels is how many destinations a passenger can get in one travel package. When you book for a South American tour, you can enter the ports of Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and even Antarctica. Once your ship docks, you are allowed to go outside and explore the place for a day. You can buy souvenirs from shops and taste the exotic delicacies from restaurants and cafes. There many things to enjoy for just one day.

Great Money Value

Cruise travels offer great value for your money. Why? Because everything is there — restaurants, accommodations, gyms, gaming centers, spas, etc. The tickets may look pricey, but it covers everything. Imagine paying for each one of them when you’re not on a cruise. Some luxury lines offer inclusive deals such as shore tours, gratuities and even air flights all bundled in one big package. You may even avail of free breakfasts and free services on some amenities inside the ship.

No Need To Plan Hard

Planning comes easy when you book for a cruise journey. All cruise destination spots are bundled in one special package. In airline and railroad travels, you must individually select specific places that can meet your entertainment and financial needs. With a cruise package, you know exactly what places you are going to enter. You can check them all in the service’s itinerary, which is displayed on their website and brochures.

Live The Best Of Both Worlds

You can experience the best of both worlds: the sea and the land. In air travel, you cannot go outside while you’re on flight. In bus tours, you won’t have a chance to enter any beach fronts. The cruise ship allows you to take a look at the sea and breathe the fresh, natural air while frolicking on the open deck. Once your ship docks in a harbor, you can go outside to experience the country’s distinct culture.

Bear Witness To Ocean Life

Perhaps, it’s only in cruise travels that you can watch dolphins, whales, sharks and other marine animals in their natural habitat. Zoos contain the animals, which may alter the occupants’ behavior. Not to mention that those containment facilities are only replicas of the animals’ true habitat. In real oceans and seas, you can study how these big fishes actually live. You can see how they hunt for food, swim along the water, etc.

Special Relationships Bloom

When you bring along your date or family and friends in a cruise, you can feel the fun and the romance while you travel. The setting sun and lapping waters are like those unforgettable scenes you see in movies. You can take a “selfie” or “groupie” from you mobile phone to capture these moments. You and your buddies can set a party in the vessel’s swimming pool. Get your date and walk along the ship’s open deck or have dinner for two in a romance-themed restaurant.

Solitariness Can Be Fun

It’s not boring to travel alone in a cruise. With so many places to explore and things to do, boredom is easily forgotten. Having a cabin room of your own can be a solace and a fertile ground for creativity. Here, you can write about your journeys in a diary you brought along with you or type them all in your laptop. Best of all, you have a wider space than the limited seating space in airlines, buses and trains.


Land and sea journeys are covered by the cruise line. As you anticipate for the next stopover, you can do many things inside the ship. When your cruise liner finally docks, exploring different countries is an added experience to your cruise travels. There are many benefits of a cruise vacation.