Passport Agencies Closed for President's Day

President's Day is an American holiday that started off as a celebration of George Washington, the official first U.S. President. President's Day lands on Monday, February 15th 2016. President's Day also means time off for many workers across the U.S. and that extends to government offices too. Fastport Passport will be open in order to assist travelers that maybe need expedited or emergency passport assistance. The U.S. Passport Agencies are always closed for federal holidays. Many local government offices may also have reduced hours or will be closed for President's Day, so plan ahead. USPS will also be closed on President's Day. 

President's Day is a federal holiday which means the Regional Passport Agencies will not be open for passport processing. Expect passport processing to be delayed any time there is a Regional Passport Agency closure. Inclement weather and federal holidays are common reasons the passport offices will be closed. Plan ahead and apply for your passport early. If you need to find where to apply for a passport or need a rushed passport service, contact us. For over 13 years Fastport Passport has been America's trusted passport expeditor service.