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Start here by selecting the passport type you need. Our Instructional Checklists have all of the forms you need in order to get a passport fast.


We recommend selecting the passport instructions above to understand the required forms and process that you need for your rush passport application. However, we also provide a list of all the forms for all passport types below. If you are using our rush US passport service, please use our Instructional Checklists to find the necessary forms and process. Please only use the following forms for reference.


Find A Local Acceptance Agent

Find An Acceptance AgentUse

An Acceptance Agent (AA) can only be authorized by the U.S. Passport agency to verify signatures of applicants and witnesses. The acceptance agent will verify all of your documentation. Local post office or county clerk in your area.


Passport Forms

You can also use the U.S. Department of States Form Wizard to complete your passport application: 
Online Form Wizard / FAQ for passport form wizard

Application for U.S. Passport

This application is for

  • Child Applications
  • Adult First Time Applications
  • Lost / Stolen Passport

Passport Name Change/ Data Correction form

This application is for passports issued within 1 year

  • Name changes
  • Change Descriptive Data
  • Extending Validity

Statement Regarding Lost /
Stolen Passport

This application accompanies: (Updated 10/1/2013)

  • Adult Lost / Stolen Passports
  • Child Lost / Stolen Passports




Application for Passport Renewals

This application is for: Adult Passport Renewals

DS-3053Statement of ConsentThis Form is for a parent who cannot be present at a local acceptance agent. (Whose child is under 16 years of age). NOTE: All signatures must match presented identification in front of the notary.


Please call us for the appropriate authorization letter to be submitted.(877)-910-7277

IMPORTANT: Please call prior to shipping for a 24- hour service. Only one authorization form can be used.


Fastport Passport Adults/Children Authorization Letter should be submitted with applications that are being sent to Fastport Passport for expedited services. Please call us at 877-910-7277. Note: Do Not check all three boxes on the Authorization Letter this may result in a delay of your passport application.

 File Search Form

The file search form is used when you have lost a passport and cannot locate your birth certificate. The fee to use this form is an additional $150 made payable to the US Department of State

 Statement of Damaged PassportShould accompany applications to replace a mutilated (damaged) passport.

Supporting Documentation

IDForm / Link NameUse
 Photo Guide
Guide created by Fastport Passport reflecting the rules set forth by the U.S. State Department regarding passport photos.

Proof of Identification

Supplemental ID List

This document is for applicants who either do not have a U.S. Driver's License, or whose U.S. Driver's License was issued within the last 6 months.
 Proof of Citizenship 
For anyone who cannot provide an original birth certificate, naturalization certificate, or old expired passport, or who has had their name changed from the name on the birth certificate.
 Sample Travel Letter For applicants who do not have an itinerary or reservation for a passport application.
 Passport Processing Time Timing of the different services Fastport Passport offers.