International Driving Permit Instructions

International Driving Permit Instructional Checklist

The International Driving Permit (also called the IDP) is a translation of your current valid driver's license and is used for driving overseas. The IDP is recognized by over 150 countries. Routine processing for the International Driving Permit may take a few weeks, but we offer an expedited international driving permit in 2-3 days or less. (Note: This permit is only for U.S. Drivers License Holders)

Review the quick checklist below and you can soon be driving overseas. Expedited international driving permit processing times through us are usually between 24-48 hours.

NOTE: Processing is usually 1-2 business days.

Any Questions? Please Call Us: 877-910-7277

  1. Complete the International Drivers Permit application. Click Here for Application
  2. Submit one passport-type photo. The photo must have a white background and follow the passport photo requirements or the application will be denied. 

    We highly recommend using the Passport Photo Creator mobile app. Download this app for free on your iOS or Android device. This easy-to-use app lets you take your own photo and will verify if your photo is compliant with the passport photo requirements set by the U.S. Department of State Passport Agency. Once you are satisfied with your passport photo, you can print to any of the 8000 Walgreens locations near you in less than one hour. You will only pay for the photo when you pick it up at your local Walgreens ($13.99). 

    The Passport Photo Creator mobile app will help you take a perfect passport photo. Utilizing biometric facial recognition software, your passport photo will show real-time compliance checks to ensure your passport photo will be accepted.
  3. Submit a color photocopy of your U.S. driver’s license (front and back).
  4. Send Us Your Documents for Expedited Processing

    Save Time & Money! You can email us ALL the documents, including your photo. Scan or take a photo of your documents with your phone and email us the documents and photo. Avoid shipping delays and save the cost of inbound shipping!

Ship all documents to:
Attention: IDP Dept
1318 Coney Island Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11230
Phone: 877-910-7277



The fees are all paid when you place your order here:
Order International Driving Permit

Service Fee: $50 
IDP Permit Fee: $20 
FedEx Overnight Return Shipping (Domestic): $30
*Return International Shipping may require an additional fee based on destination.