Indonesia Visa Service

Apply for the Expedited Visa for Indonesia. You can apply for the tourist visa or the business visa. We offer 3-5 business day processing, based on when we get the documents from you.


  1. Download the Indonesia Visa Application and print it out.
  2. You must also include proof of travel plans.
  3. You also need 2 passport photos and a valid U.S. Passport.
  4. Consulate fee made payable to Fastport Passport (see consulate fees below)
  5. Send Us Your Application/ Documents.
Fastport Passport (Visa Department)
1318 Coney Island Ave
Brooklyn NY, 11230


Service / ConsulateFees:

Our service fee to process the expedited visa is $150.

There is also the Indonesia visa fee.

Single Entry Visa Fee:$50

Multiple Entry Visa (for one year, issued for family, business and official visits only): $110

Visa on Arrival 7 day option: $15

Visa on Arrival 30 day option: $35

Limited Stay Visa 6 month: $55

Limited Stay Visa 1 year: $105

Limited Stay Visa 2 year: $180

Documents Legalization: $20 each copy